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Kappacasein Toasted Cheese Sandwich @ Borough Market - Food-Spotter

Kappacasein Toasted Cheese Sandwich @ Borough Market borough market toasted cheese sandwich - kappacasein

toasted cheese sandwich - kappacasein borough marketSome of life’s simple things are the greatest pleasures. The same can be said for a toasted cheese sandwich you make at home. What can top it is the Kappacasein Toasted Cheese Sandwich which is located within the confines of my spiritual home, London’s Borough Market.

“That’s a bit dramatic…”

Perhaps. They say seeing is believing, of course this isn’t the case for food on the internet – I patiently await the day I can download food and drink. But until then, we can rely on our senses and imagination.

If you’re not familiar of the layout of the market, you can resort to the market map. But it’s always more fun to wonder about until you see this…

borough market toasted cheese sandwich - kappacasein

A cheese lovers heaven. Stacked sandwiches prepared for toasting to keep up with the demand (warning: it can get BUSY!). You maybe wondering if the £5 charge is somewhat extortionate like I thought. But after realising the quality of the ingredients and more importantly the taste, a certain Jimmy Cliff song will also go off in your head.

“£5 for a Toasted Cheese Sandwich? Bloodfire! This better taste good…”

Ok, texture and taste. Two main characteristics of this sandwich that really make it memorable. In particular, the extra burnt and crisp bits. Something about the slight crispness and crunch formed by the hot melting cheese burning against the sourdough bread really does provide a great pleasure. It’s not a full on food orgasm by any means but it’s close. Close enough to make you want to spend another £5 just to relive the experience.

This is no small toasted cheese sandwich by anymeans. Just possibly not big enough to fully satisfy you if your hunger levels are high. In that case, you can still experience the Kappacasein ogleshield cheese with their raclette offering.

Location: Borough Market – Thursday, Friday & Saturday Lunchtime.
Price: £5

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One of life's simple pleasures

You may want to buy 2! As being so tasty, it almost makes you feel like you wasn't satisfied with the 1st.