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Thai Sticky Rice and Mango at Borough Market - Food-Spotter

Thai Sticky Rice and Mango at Borough Market

thai sticky rice and mango borough marketAfter many weekly ritual Friday visits, I come across a new stall, Khanom Krok, selling Thai street food and snacks. It makes a refreshing change from the usual Thai curries dotted around London, which although yum, isn’t exactly something refreshing to find at a food market.

The moment my eyes see the chalk menu board offering Thai sticky rice with mango, my stomach starts the sonic rumbling rhythm. Now at £4, it’s evidently going to be a pricey lunch, as I’ve fully aware it won’t fill me up at all. What the hell I say, sometimes it’s great to start lunch with dessert.

Other offerings include coconut pancakes, quail eggs and pad thai. Go go gadget running legs!

Location: Borough Market – Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Lunchtime.
Price: £4

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Ideal for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Taste was spot on. The sweetness, flavours and temperature differences between the warm rice and cold mango feel marvelous. Head down to get your fix!

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