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Japanese Archives - Food-Spotter

Tamagoyaki Recipe (Japanese Omelette)

30 March 2014 |

Tamagoyaki is a slightly sweetened Japanese egg omelette, which apart from its distinct (to be interpreted as heavenly) taste is presented in a neatly rolled fashion. So from the get go, taste and looks are taken care of. What’s remaining? … Read More

Calpis Marshmallow

16 February 2014 |

Calpis Marshmallow? Yes you read correctly. Some smart people sat in a lab and conjured up this beauty. Now that means one of two things to you right now:

Cow piss? – when spoken very fast, many people mishear it … Read More

Japanese Kit-Kats – Flavour Upon Flavour!

4 February 2014 |

There are times when the UK offerings of Kit-Kat are just downright frustrating. The selection that we have on offer isn’t exactly tantalizing once you discover the wide and varied selection available from the far shores over in Japan. The … Read More

Umai On Air (Umai Soho) – Review

2 February 2014 |

[Note: This has now closed down and turned into a branch of Japan Centre's SHORYUgo]

Japan Centre’s Umai On Air (aka Umai Soho) has a simple concept, to serve a selection of the old Japan Centre Toku Restaurant’s classics … Read More