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Super Dickmann's - Food-Spotter

Super Dickmann’s

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Super Dickmann’s! Sounds rude in English, with the innuendo enforced packaging making it seem even more rude! But in Germany it’s a kids favourite snack. A genuine “lost in translation” moment it would seem.

super dickmanns german marshmallow chocolate food-spotter

“Looks and sounds kinky”

Perhaps, but in actual fact, it’s a chocolate covered marshmallow snack with a soft wafer base. Got your attention? Great. So the question on your lips is….

“German sense of humour?”

Cheeky. I’ve been told by a German speaker that the translation into English is the equivalent of “really big”. I know, isn’t helping in making this sound like food is it.

Enough on the name, let’s get into the taste!

Opening the box, you’re greeted to a total of 9 of these little super dicks snacks. They are actually quite big and fat in size.

super dickmanns german marshmallow chocolate food-spotter

The wafer base is on the soft side, so when biting into it, it doesn’t have that short snappy break off. This can make eating these a little messy if you have a little mouth with a small bite.

super dickmanns german marshmallow chocolate food-spotter

I can’t believe how technical the above sounded but sadly it’s very true. As these guys are a little on the chubby side, they are best eaten with a top to bottom approach. That is you nibble from the top-down until you have effectively halved its height so you can eat the wafer base while it’s popped into your mouth horizontally.

super dickmanns german marshmallow chocolate food-spotter

“Sounds complicated!”

Yes, but without it, you will just end up with a sticky face of marshmallow residue! A problem that only juniors should be experiencing.

Although the cocoa content of the chocolate is below my minimum threshold, it tastes pretty nice. The thin crisp layer of the chocolate against the soft, non-chewy marshmallow centre makes a great textural and taste combination. The soft wafer biscuit is a bit odd, but adds a nice variety into a single Super Dickmann.

These can be bought from any German grocery store that imports its foods. I got mine from The German Deli Store in London.

Review Overview

To Buy or Not to Buy?

A perfect gift for ANYONE! No age rating required!

The sheer novelty of the packaging alone is reason to buy. They taste pretty darn good as well!