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Shake Shack London: Pre-opening - Food-Spotter

Shake Shack London: Pre-opening

shake shack london burger fries root beerLondon is being saturated with burger offerings that go beyond the regular fast food that we all know. Central London seems to be a hot spot and with the American contender touching down in London’s Covent Garden, I had to see what all the fuss was about.

I had the delight of being able to sample the Shake Shack London experience before it officially opened; with the obvious perk of avoiding the long queues and the bonus of paying absolutely nothing for the experience!

With the kitchens closing up at 8pm, I am 2 minutes late but the friendly staff still allowed me to get my order in. So plus points for that! I waste no time in getting in my order of the Shroom Burger, signature crinkle cut fries and Abita Root Beer, all served with smiles.

The burger consists of a crisp-fried portabello mushroom filled with cheese and encased in a breadcrumb coating. So taking a bite, I was greeted by the soft cheese from within. Pretty different as far as Vegetarian burger options go. My only complaint would be it was a tad bit on the small side (either that, or I was craving for another). Fries were done perfectly, nothing to mention there.

Presentation is where Shake Shack excels, much reminiscent to the Japanese Mos Burger (the Japanese are masters at presenting things if you never knew) which is a good thing. This includes the cardboard tray for your fries to the little wallet that your burger is placed in to keep your hands clean while you eat the burger without any mess lingering onto your fingers.

Covent Garden
24 Market Building
The Piazza
London WC2E 8RD

Nearest Tube: Covent Garden

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Well packaged fast food

An overall enjoyable and fun experience which trumps the usual fast food offerings, but as a fast food offering itself, it is on the pricey side.
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