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Naples Pizza Guide (Part 2) – Pizzeria Di Matteo - Food-Spotter

Naples Pizza Guide (Part 2) – Pizzeria Di Matteo

di matteo napoli naples pizza guide food-spotterOn a recent trip to Italy, I decided to do a day trip from Rome to the birth place of Pizza, Napoli (Naples). With less than 10 hours between the time my train arrives and departs back to Rome, I challenged myself to visit the top Pizzerias that Naples has to offer and try their Margherita offerings (the de-facto standard when it comes to Pizza). Any form of tourism would strictly be secondary (I know, it’s a tough job).

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Pizzeria Di Matteo

Number 2 on the list is Di Matteo, and is a short walk from the Julia Roberts famed Da Michele, on a well known street called Via dei Tribunali in the heart of the city’s historical center. Having just stuffed myself at Da Michele’s, it was unlikely I would be able to consume another whole pizza with ease. Thankfully, Di Matteo also have a takeaway stand which serves up an array of fresh, hot snacks. Given my mission, I could not eat these as it would jeopardise my pizza adventures.

The pizza menu for the sit in restaurant has more selection than Da Michele, with topping combos a lot familiar to most. The takeaway counter only offers the Margherita as far as pizza variety goes.

di matteo naples pizza guide food-spotter

Apart from running as one of the top pizzerias in Naples for such a long time, Di Matteo’s other claim to fame is that the former US President, Bill Clinton, made a visit to sample their pizza during his visit in 1994 during the G7 summit.

“Enough of the history, what about the pizza!?”

The time is now a little after 12:10pm and out of nowhere comes an army of students from the nearby university that start a full front on attack at the takeaway counter. Most of the eats are around €1-€2 mark which is quite frankly a bargain!

As fresh mini margheritas come out of the oven and into the display counter, they get snapped up by the students. After somewhat of an impatient wait, I finally have in my posession, the prized Di Matteo Margherita pizza for the golden price of €1 …

di matteo naples pizza guide food-spotter

Not handed in a box, but in a double folded fashion, it makes a neat, tidy and convenient way to eat pizza which isn’t found over here in the UK. Two distinct things make this pizza stand out, it’s taste is a little more stronger, and it’s texture has a little more crispness to it.


Perhaps it’s the lack of the sunflower oil, but it feels less on the soft/soggy side and holds well, but not to firm to make it feel like it’s burnt. Once again, small char-grilled notes come through due to the oven.


The tomato sauce base is just a little stronger than Da Michele. Whether this is good or bad is purely down to personal taste preferences, but I did prefer it as it gives it just a little more kick.

di matteo naples pizza guide food-spotter Via dei Tribunali

In the birthplace of pizza, it’s safe to assume Neopolitans know their stuff. If an army of people are queuing up outside Di Matteo during lunch time, there’s usually a good reason as to why! Do not miss out!

Pizzeria Di Matteo
Via dei Tribunali 94,
80138 Naples

Website | Map

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Great tomato sauce

The locals know their Pizzas, so join the queue and don't miss out on the action. If you're going to takeaway, order 2 pizzas if you're extra hungry and don't intend to eat till the evening.