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Naples Pizza Guide (Part 3) – Pizzeria Starita Napoli - Food-Spotter

Naples Pizza Guide (Part 3) – Pizzeria Starita Napoli

pizzaria starita napoli materdei pizza food-spotterOn a recent trip to Italy, I decided to do a day trip from Rome to the birth place of Pizza, Napoli (Naples). With less than 10 hours between the time my train arrives and departs back to Rome, I challenged myself to visit the top Pizzerias that Naples has to offer and try their Margherita offerings (the de-facto standard when it comes to Pizza). Any form of tourism would strictly be secondary (I know, it’s a tough job).

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Starita Napoli

Number 3 on the list is a familiar name to New Yorkers. It’s the original Pizzeria which is the father to the Midtown Manhattan sibling “Don Antonio by Starita“. Commercialisation aside, there’s a reason why this Pizzeria has another branch half way across the world as I was soon to find out.

As much as I would like to boast that I ate this in my 3rd hour in Naples, it’s just not possible. So after doing some tourism in the old town and taking a trip to Castel Sant’Elmo to take in some breathtaking views, I make my way to Materdei station around 5pm, from which Starita is only a few minutes walk away. I’ve had enough time to digest the 2 earlier Pizzas so I feltrelaxed and ready to sample what Starita has to offer.

“Always humble looking from the outside…”

Never judge a book by its cover. This applies to every restaurant in general. From the outside, it looks very simple, with little or no buzz (remember its about 5pm), and lacking the whole “i’ve been here since the 1800s” vibe.

pizzaria starita napoli materdei pizza shop front food-spotter

Walking in, you come face to face with the oven, but as i’m eating in, I take a left and head to the seated area. My heavy metal loving waiter is very polite and helpful. It turns out that Starita is known for a certain speciality of theirs…

The Montenara

A deep fried pizza base, then topped Margherita style and put in the over. Now hearing that this is what it’s known for, I must admit it tempted me off my strict Margherita rule. Although I only strayed partially off the course as the toppings were still in alignment with my rules right? ;)

pizzaria starita napoli materdei pizza2 food-spotter


Thicker than a normal Italian style pizza, but light and fluffy which distinguishes it from the typical deep pan pizza.


The cheese is a lot more generously applied than any typical Neopolitan style Margherita. The tomato base seems to be just about right, not too weak and not too overpowering. Combined with the flavour of the cheese cutting through and the slightly thicker texture of the base, it’s almost like the optimum levels have been fulfilled!

“Sounds divine!”

Quite possibly. Even the Pope got to sample some Starita magic…

pizzaria starita napoli materdei pope food-spotter

I’m currently working on technology that will help you download this pizza. As progress is very, very slow, I suggest you get yo’ ass down to Pizzeria Starita Napoli right now!

Pizzeria Starita Napoli
Via Materdei, 27-28
80136 Naples

Website | Map
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Review Overview


Pizza fit for the Pope!

An absolute delight to eat. Nice balance of flavours and friendly service. Highly recommended!