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Pies n Thighs - Southern Food in New York City - Food-Spotter

Pies n Thighs – Southern Food in New York City

Pies n Thighs – great rhyming, southern food dining, filling your belly lining, can’t think of any more endings…

“Quit rapping, start eating”

Agreed. On a recent food trip to the United States of America, this restaurant was on my hit list of places that I had to eat at. Somehow I managed to visit and eat at both locations of this place. The original location is found in Williamsburg (think of it as the hipster area), and the newer, larger, and more polished location is not far from Chinatown on the Lower East Side.

“Can I have the Chicken and Waffles please”

Yes, a classic well known American combination where sweet meets savoury in a culinary matrimony that is hard to explain but somehow works. Two pieces of fried chicken and two buckwheat waffles topped with cinnamon butter & poached blueberries. Simplistic in description, but pretty heavenly in taste. The chicken was far from oily and very crisp providing a nice crunch, which sits nicely between the soft pancake which is binded by the sweet blueberries and syrup.

“I would like to try the Catfish and Cornbread sir”

pies n thighs nyc catfish and cornbread food-spotter

Feeling deficient of any form of greens on my trip, I opted to have this crispy fried catfish with smoked pork collards, which I highly recommend as they tasted damn good! The catfish was crispy but lacked a little POW in taste so felt a bit monotonous on the tongue!

“Enough of the Thighs, what about the Pies?”

As I found the portions pretty big, I must shamefully say I found no space to try the pies or the donuts, but I’m sure they are pretty good ;) . Portion sizes in the states tend to be bigger than what we are use to in the UK so make sure you pace yourself if you attempt to conquer the menu at this place.

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Cluckin' Good!

Make the visit on an empty stomach! If you want a more polished experience with comfy seats, head to the Lower East Side branch instead of the original one in Williamsburg.