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Oreo Soft Cookies - Food-Spotter

Oreo Soft Cookies

“Oreo Soft Cookies?”

The voice in your head exclaims this. I know, it’s a bit of a bizarre thought. Is it a sponge cake variation of the Oreo Cookie? Is it the equivalent of a stale Oreo Cookie which has lost its biscuit bite/crunch? Is it an Oreo Cookie that is similar to marshmallow?

The answer is “No No No”

The Oreo Soft Cookie is in fact a tiny bit thicker, bigger, crumbly yet SOFT-er version of the Oreo Cookie. Yes I’m aware that it was not the best explanation, but it’s simply a more lighter (and pleasant) texture to a regular biscuit in my opinion.


 ”Where does it come from?”

Well on my travels in Beijing China, a regular visit to the local convenience store ended up becoming a huge Oreo Cookie shop. I ended up purchasing various types of different Oreos that seem exclusive to China, including TWO different flavour versions of the Oreo Soft Cookie: Strawberry and Lemon. The difference is the icing like flavoured stripe on the top, which gives it a nice flavoured note, while still giving you that classic Oreo Cookie taste!


“So pretty”

The packaging looks rather enticing with its use of a Chinese version of the classic Oreo font, backed by the classic blue colour which blends into the flavour of the box. When you open the box, you are greeted to a nice packed and presented line of individually wrapped Oreo Cookies.


My Chinese is a little shabby so I can’t really read any of the text on the back of the boxes, but it looks like it gives you some serving suggestions. None of this is mandatory by any means as the Oreo Soft Cookies taste pretty damn nice and better (in my opinion) than the original Oreo Cookie.



The Strawberry flavour package suggests making a Strawberry sandwich with 2 of the Oreo Soft Cookies and the other box suggests making some form of (lemon?) tea and then dropping your Oreo Soft Cookie into it so it sits nicely at the bottom of your tea.

“That last one sounds odd”

Yes, I agree totally. I decided to remix the first suggestion and make an Oreo Soft Cookie ice cream sandwich.


Now THIS tasted scrumptious! I have no idea how you can get hold of these Oreo Soft Cookies outside of China, but they are highly recommended!

Review Overview


Better than the original Oreo Cookie

An absolute delight to eat. The texture is nice and crumbly yet stays soft enough to not start crumbling the moment you take a bite into it.