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Mos Burger Honey Roast Chicken Bao with Bacon, Sliced Apple and Peanut Sauce - Food-Spotter

Mos Burger Honey Roast Chicken Bao with Bacon, Sliced Apple and Peanut Sauce

mos-burger-apple-chicken-peanut-bao-food-spotterMos Burger is the Japanese burger chain that has been doing the rounds around Asia with locations popping up in various countries now. Well known for its clean-cut food presentation and rice buns. Asian chains are well-known for local variations and Mos Burger is no exception as I managed to find a spin-off special edition item on the menu in the form of a Taiwanese Bao….

Insert salivating imagery and sounds

This Bao clearly has some interesting textures and flavour combinations going on when you examine what’s actually on offer:

  • A thin and soft Taiwanese inspired bao – providing the soft outer base.
  • Honey roasted chicken thigh – Mos is known for using this part which retains a more succulent texture and flavour than the chicken breast.
  • Bacon – a known combination to compliment any chicken burger.
  • Lettuce – the backbone to any burger, providing a colour contrast and light textural difference to the soft bun.
  • Sliced onions – providing a subtle sweetness and crunch.
  • Sliced Apple – this gives more of a flavour and texture boost to the above mentioned items.
  • Peanut sauce – the missing ingredient that somehow binds all the flavours together.


“Wow that’s a sexy looking list of ingredients!”

Once taking a bite, it’s clear that this is quite possibly the most intricate fast food chicken burger I’ve ever tasted. The interesting contrast of textures and very interesting flavours sets this burger miles apart from the regular KFC or gourmet varieties.


Let’s be honest, food-gasms are VERY rare. This burger will not make you climax, but an amazingly well crafted and thought-out chicken burger. Well done to the Mos Burger boffins that constructed this masterpiece in their laboratory. I don’t know how long this burger is available for but I suggest you head to Taiwan right now and get a bag full!

Currently available from Mos Burger Taiwan for 90 NTD (approx 2.20 GBP / 3.00 USD).

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Best Chicken Burger you'll ever have!

A cleverly crafted and well thought out burger with a Taiwanese twist. It's so on point that you need to visit Taiwan while it's still available!