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KFC Japan - Fragrant Soy Sauce Chicken - Food-Spotter

KFC Japan – Fragrant Soy Sauce Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan still gives you that warm cozy feeling that the colonel gave you before the brand turned into “KFC” here. Actually, the colonel is still represented there, usually in the form of a smiley life sized statue welcoming you to eat his succulent fried chicken recipe that contains 11 secret herbs and spices.

“Nostalgic Much?”

Absolutely. On a recent trip to Japan, I decided to sample this “special looking” chicken pictured on the poster. A nice golden brown colour, with specks of white and black. Once upon a time in the winter of 2008, I was once seduced by a similar looking piece of KFC imagery which turned out to be just a peppery variation of the classic recipe – which was rather uneventful. I was hoping history didn’t repeat itself 8 years later.

“Fingers crossed this one is different!”

Saving my stomach space for an exotic whale meal, I opted to avoid the meal combinations that include fries and just opted for strictly 2 pieces at a slightly steep cost of ¥550 (£3.50 / €4.50 / $5.00).

kfc japan fragrant soy sauce chicken food-spotter

“Looks Exotic”

Taking my 1st bite into it, it’s very CRISPY. Not the burnt crunchy type, just the nice pleasant type giving a nice contrast in texture between the coating and the chicken meat; very similar to the fried chicken found in America. This is a GREAT sign. As for the taste….. it is hardly any different to the classic KFC recipe. This isn’t too much of a downer actually, although a more obvious flavour difference would have been a bit more exciting.

KFC Japan, Arigato for this creation!

This is a seasonal special on the menu, so if you’re in Japan right now, it’s worth the bite or 7.

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KFC with that crisp *crunch*

Nothing to loose your marbles over, but worth the try if you happen to be passing by.