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KFC Congee Breakfast in Taiwan - Food-Spotter

KFC Congee Breakfast in Taiwan

kfc-congee-breakfast-taiwan-food-spotterKFC and Breakfast maybe a bit of a conundrum depending on which part of the world you are from. However, in the eastern region of the world, it’s as common as a McDonald’s breakfast menu. So ladies and gentleman, may I present to you, the Taiwanese version of….

KFC Congee

This is the ultimate holy grail of east meets west. Fusing Congee (rice porridge) with signature pieces of tender KFC fried chicken with a dash of floss on top (aka 吮指嫩雞粥套餐), served with your favourite hot beverage (hash brown pictured was an extra add-on).

“Isn’t this prison food?”

Not at all, the KFC congee is seasoned well with a little natural sweetness thanks to the addition of some sweetcorn. It would have been nice if they also served up fried dough stick (youtiao) to complete the experience like they do in the Chinese version, but it’s not a deal breaker. The fried chicken seems to be of the breast variety in small pieces, but this less succulent cut seems to be a good choice as its texture compliments the more sloppy viscous consistency of the congee.

The chicken provides a nice texture contrast and the floss on top really helps to add an extra dimension with its flavour and texture – a nice little touch for sure!!

“Where can I get this yo!?”

The KFC Congee is currently available on the KFC Taiwan breakfast menu. for 59 NTD (1.50 GBP / 2.00 USD)

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A full flavoured congee

A great full-flavoured interpretation of a classic localised breakfast dish.