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Kanelbullar @ Nordic Bakery, London - Food-Spotter

Kanelbullar @ Nordic Bakery, London

nordic bakery kanelbullarMaking a morning walk from Baker Street Station towards Oxford Street, my nose catches the whiff of a memorable and amazing smell as I walk past a road! There’s always something amazing about the smell of kanelbullar (Swedish cinnamon rolls), perhaps its the cardamom, perhaps its the cinammon. Either way the point of this is not to try and break down the science behind why they are so delish so swiftly moving on…

I follow the smell and end up a little down Dorset Street to discover another Nordic Bakery. I’ve only ever been to the one at Golden Square near Carnaby Street which was memorable for all the wrong reasons – taking my friend there to sample this delight one afternoon which lead to him breaking a tooth due to some not so fresh, rock hard kanelbullar.

Rule one states: always eat your kanelbullar when it’s warm and fresh. Which it was at 9am in the morning so I part my cash with a huge smile on my face.

The 1st thing that’s distinct about this is the overall shape, colour and texture – not as light and fluffy as my adventures in Stockholm so I can only assume they are not of the typical Swedish style. None the less, they are almost as scrumptious. The outer side is quite dark in appearance and has a slight sticky feel to it. The inside is warm and soft – a perfect winter warmer!


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Mat Porr!

It is imperative you eat these warm, or you may risk breaking a tooth!