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Oreo Soft Cookies

18 May 2016 |

“Oreo Soft Cookies?”

The voice in your head exclaims this. I know, it’s a bit of a bizarre thought. Is it a sponge cake variation of the Oreo Cookie? Is it the equivalent of a stale Oreo Cookie which … Read More

KFC Japan – Fragrant Soy Sauce Chicken

10 May 2016 |

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan still gives you that warm cozy feeling that the colonel gave you before the brand turned into “KFC” here. Actually, the colonel is still represented there, usually in the form of a smiley life sized … Read More

Pies n Thighs – Southern Food in New York City

23 August 2015 |

Pies n Thighs – great rhyming, southern food dining, filling your belly lining, can’t think of any more endings…

“Quit rapping, start eating”

Agreed. On a recent food trip to the United States of America, this restaurant was on … Read More

Oshun Cafe, London’s First Ever Açaí Berry Bowl Pop-Up

19 April 2015 |

Oshun Café, London’s First Ever Acai Berry Bowl Pop-Up has opened in the hipster heart of London (Shoreditch) and the timing couldn’t be right in terms of all the other food specific places that have opened up in the past … Read More

Turtle Bay Caribbean Restaurant, Walthamstow

1 February 2015 |

Turtle Bay Caribbean Restaurant , the small chain has just opened a new restaurant in the heart of London’s Walthamstow. With other Caribbean offerings to be found, I had the very difficult task of investigating to see if you should … Read More

BIRD Shoreditch – Waffles, Fried Chicken and Donuts in London

19 January 2015 |

BIRD Shoreditch aims to bring a bit more class to the hood staple of fried chicken without going all out pretentious and poncy. The concept is simple: american style fried chicken, waffles, wings and donuts; served in an ever so … Read More

Super Dickmann’s

30 April 2014 |

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Super Dickmann’s! Sounds rude in English, with the innuendo enforced packaging making it seem even more rude! But in Germany it’s a kids favourite snack. A genuine “lost in translation” … Read More

Naples Pizza Guide (Part 4) – Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo

26 April 2014 |

On a recent trip to Italy, I decided to do a day trip from Rome to the birth place of Pizza, Napoli (Naples). With less than 10 hours between the time my train arrives and departs back to Rome, I … Read More

TING Restaurant Taster @ Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard

23 April 2014 |

TĪNG, derived from the Chinese word for “living room”, is the collective name for the restaurant and lounge on level 35 of London’s Shard. Situated 128 metres above ground level, both areas offer unsurpassed views of many London landmarks.

“Whoa!” … Read More

Burrito @ Benito’s Hat (Leadenhall)

25 March 2014 |

The phrase “Burritos at Benito’s” seem to roll off the tongue quite naturally, as if was just meant to be. Being a great language match, they actually go pretty well together in real life.

I managed to sneak in early … Read More