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Fly Me To The Moon (Audio-Tastebud Experience)

2 October 2016 |

Shameless self plug alert. If you’ve been browsing the website and noticed the social media link section, you may have noticed the Soundcloud icon. What does music have to do with food?

“Food Podcasts?”

No, not as elaborate as that … Read More

Cereal Killer Cafe opens on Brick Lane, London

11 December 2014 |

The overly anticipated Cereal Killer Cafe has finally opened it’s doors on Brick Lane in London! The concept is clever, the cereal selection is on point, and the novelty factor is off the richter scale!

However, with this … Read More

Which Milk is Best? (Part 1)

27 April 2014 | | 2 Comments

Roll up, roll up! Welcome to the wonderful world of milk. The white stuff that comes in many varieties and flavours., which milk is best?

With all sorts of dairy and non-dairy choices out there, it can be somewhat confusing … Read More

Health is Not a Look: the Definition of Health

18 February 2014 |

In the current day where we are actively being fed information and images about healthy living and eating (and how WRONG some of it is), the actual meaning of health has somewhat been mildly lost thanks to the media reinterpreting … Read More

Breakfast 3.0 – A Rethink of the “Healthy Breakfast”

28 January 2014 |

I think it’s time to question the notion of the “healthy breakfast” and if the now-healthy range of “adult” cereals are really that healthy. I’m not going to hate on grains although there is a good argument for this, but … Read More