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Calpis Marshmallow - Food-Spotter

Calpis Marshmallow

calpis marshmallow packaging calpico food-spotterCalpis Marshmallow? Yes you read correctly. Some smart people sat in a lab and conjured up this beauty. Now that means one of two things to you right now:

Cow piss? – when spoken very fast, many people mishear it for this vulgar expression.

Coooool – so you know and understand how much potential this has!

“Calpis Marshmallow….. ok. But what is Calpis?”

Calpis (or Calpico as it’s also known in some countries) is a still soft drink originating from Japan. Unlike most soft drinks you’ve probably had, this is mildly yakult-esque in flavour with a slight twist of an acidic zing that tickles the tastebuds on your tongue. This is because it’s actually made of lactic acid and dry milk mixed in water.

calpis water bottle calpico food-spotter

Happy Refresh

God knows what sort of slogan that is to put on the bottle label, but sounds pretty cool. I think it applies to the Calpis marshmallow as well. The actual marshmallow isn’t flavoured, and tastes like the generic pleasant tasting marshmallow everyone knows. From the cross-section below, you can see that the Calpis magic flavour resides in the thick gel like yellow centre.

calpis marshmallow cross section calpico food-spotter

The centre gives the Calpis marshmallow a little extra kick and does gently hit on the same basenotes of the drink. It’s pretty hard to say if the taste starts to get boring as this mini  pack only contains four pieces. Yes, FOUR pieces! Regardless of this baby sized portion, it’s a must try for all fans of Calpis/Calpico and even those that don’t like the idea of the drink (as this is more palatable).

“Where can I buy the Calpis drink?”

Japan Centre

“Where can I buy Calpis Marshmallow?”


Apart from that, it maybe a little tough on UK shores. But don’t despair, I will be running a competition soon which will include Calpis Marshmallow as part of a giveaway ;) Like the Facebook fan page and follow on Twitter to get the latest news on this competition.

Review Overview

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Calpis Marshmallow heaven

The novelty factor of Calpis Marshmallow overrides any common sense, making this is a must try.