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Byrons' Double Chicken Burger (Food-Spotter Remix) - Food-Spotter

Byrons’ Double Chicken Burger (Food-Spotter Remix)

byron burger - double chicken burgerI think its safe to say most of you have probably eaten at a Byrons’ before. With many of them dotted around London, there’s no excuse for you not to try it once (unless you’re a raw food vegan or similar then it’s understandable).

Now if you’re a bit bored of ordering the same thing or just quite simply too hungry but the idea of eating 2 burgers is not an option, I recommend asking the person serving you to double the patty inside. In my case, I asked for 2 chicken breast patties.

My burger arrives with no sides ordered. My first thought is “how will I actually bite into this??”. It’s pretty tall; no specifics as I left my ruler at home. This is a perfect time for me to present:

Strategy Guide to Eating Tall Burgers – a Top-Down Approach

  1. Never use your bare hands to hold the burger. Thankfully Byron place there burger on a square grease proof paper. Use this to wrap the bottom half, this will help you avoid getting your hands messy.
  2. The double-bite. For any chunk of the burger, you must first bite into the top half at an angle, followed by the bottom half. Doing it in this order will avoid your noise getting in contact with any mayonnaise etc.
  3. Upon disintegration of your grease proof paper, do not be afraid to use a knife and fork. Yes, you’ve read correctly. At some point, the paper will break away making the eating experience somewhat messy. It’s just best to swallow your pride, place the remainder of the burger on your plate and use utensils.

But how does it taste you ask? Twice the chicken breast, twice the dryness!

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Twice the chicken breast, twice the dryness!

You should try it for the fun of it. Nothing like a bit of culinary adventure every now and again.