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Burrito @ Benito's Hat (Leadenhall) - Food-Spotter

Burrito @ Benito’s Hat (Leadenhall) burrito at benito's hat - mexican food in london

The phrase “Burritos at Benito’s” seem to roll off the tongue quite naturally, as if was just meant to be. Being a great language match, they actually go pretty well together in real life.

I managed to sneak in early on the opening day of the latest branch of the Mexican chain Benito’s Hat in the heart of the city, at Leadenhall . This entailed a free Burrito/Taco/Naked Burrito of my choosing.

“Is this a sponsored review?”

No my child, just a promo offer they had to celebrate it’s opening (as long as you ordered while sporting a moustache) and the views expressed are not tainted or swayed by any backhander ;)

In the name of a meaningful review, I opted for the Achiote Braised Chicken Burrito, as this tends to be the more popular choice of the people in the UK.

burrito at benito's hat - mexican food in london

“What’s the lowdown of Benito’s Hat?”

Well fitting actually. The staff seemed attentive – but one would expect so on day 1 of it’s life. There was an unusually large number of staff behind the counter ready to make your order – I guess speed is of importance during the city lunch rush.

Glad you asked. The burrito is very wide, served in a 12″ tortilla. The amount of chicken wasn’t stingy, nor was it generous. The refried beans did not dominate the burrito which I was happy about (incase I had to worry about the side effects – which for the record there were none). All the other usual ingredients were pretty much ok in terms of quantity.

“The taste?”

Not bad. nothing that knocked my socks off but nothing that offended me either (like Chipotle). So Benito’s Hat in Leadenhall has managed to serve up an edible burrito with no negative side effects, +2 points for that.

Benito’s Hat (Leadenhall)
107-112 Leadenhall Street
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Like Ronseal: says what it does on the tin

A pleasant affair catering for the city crowd. Service is fast, churning out edible food, so not much to complain about.