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The Wurst Meal at Herman Ze German, London - Food-Spotter

The Wurst Meal at Herman Ze German, London

herman ze german london reviewThe well titled meal at Herman Ze German does some clever wordplay to peak your interest. The question is whether it is actually any good or tastes more like what it sounds phonetically?

I opt for the Bockwurst with fries and a drink. I get the option to add sauerkraut at an small cost, which should really be a default extra included in my opinion. Ze Bockwurst tasted pretty nice to me, in a roll that isn’t too soft and not so hard that requires me to put in that extra little effort into my bite to tear it away. Herman* claims his fries use a new technology oven which requires no oil. He maybe onto something as the fries themselves were nice and crispy with a bit of seasoning, making them somewhat scrumptious.

Herman Ze German is currently located in a small little shop between Charing Cross and Embankment Station and another more comfortable establishment in Soho.


* – Herman may not be a real person

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Do try ze fries!

Great for a quick bite without the whole fast-food feel