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BIRD Shoreditch - Waffles, Fried Chicken and Donuts in London - Food-Spotter

BIRD Shoreditch – Waffles, Fried Chicken and Donuts in London

BIRD Shoreditch aims to bring a bit more class to the hood staple of fried chicken without going all out pretentious and poncy. The concept is simple: american style fried chicken, waffles, wings and donuts; served in an ever so slightly diner like environment. To ensure the customer knows that this isn’t a regular Chicken Cottage livestock, the poultry is 100% free range, from British farms.

“Ok can we order now?”

Being a chicken and waffle virgin, it was natural for me to finally taste this combination which is very well known across the Atlantic in America.


Served up is two pieces of fried chicken on a fresh cheddar & onion waffle, with Canadian maple syrup – a strange combination of sweet and savoury on my plate which leaves me with the huge urge to scoff it all down to see what i’ve been missing all these years!

“How is thy chicken young squier?”

The coating is nice and crispy, the chicken still remains moist (as opposed to oily), thanks to the wise decision to use anything but the breast meat; the worst part of the chicken in my opinion thanks to its lack of overall succulance and bordering on the dry. The waffle is also pleasantly pleasant. Finally throw on the maple sizzurp to marry all three parties together, delivering a pleasant combination of sweet and savoury!

“I’m Canadian, tell me about the wings!”

Ok dear Canadian reader, the menu allows you to choose wings in batches of 6, 12 and 24 – why anyone would choose the first two is beyond me ;) . You have a range of glazes and dips to choose from, all of which is pretty regular by most standards although there’s an asian theme which comes through with the choice of the very spicy Gochujang glaze and the Tonkatsu and Sweet plum dips on offer.



A fresh batch is made every 2 hours, so I was told. That’s nice to know for the fans of freshness out there! I tried the chocolate glazed one – nothing amazingly wow but nothing terrible either. Just a standard donut.

“Is it a poncy chicken cottage boossman?”

The answer is simply no. It’s nothing like the grotty local fried chicken shop in decor, service or music. Yes, music I said: during my visit they seemed to lean towards playing a selection of hip-hop and R&B. Somewhat strange I thought, but nothing too offensive or offputting (unless you deem words like ***, ***** or ******* offensive). The service is really dependent on who is looking after you, I found some of the staff to be very warm and friendly (like the manager), but in contrast one of the other young folk working there to clearly not be much of a people person. A small point but not representitive of the overall experience based on 2 visits (yes, I take food VERY, VERY seriously ;) ).

42-44 Kingsland Road
London E2 8DA

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Your goto spot for your chicken & waffles fix!

A great place, reasonable price, and honest food without being totally hipster, even though it is in the heart of hipsterville.