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Bibimbap @ BiBimBap Soho, London - Food-Spotter

Bibimbap @ BiBimBap Soho, London

BiBimBap Soho in London’s Soho is rather appropriately named given that the main dish they serve up is *drum roll* …….bibimbap! Korean is slowly becoming quite popular over these shores (it hasn’t quite reached the now saturated level of Japanese) and Central London has quite a few options in terms of getting your bibimbap fix.

“So why eat at BiBimBap Soho?”

Excellent question, to which a picture can summarise…

bibimbap soho - cool quirky photos inside

Yes, that’s right. The photos. You got to love the photos they have all over the walls. What looks like an endless stream of happy faces of past customers. This adds a great quirky touch that helps it get away from any cafeteria comparisons. Now if only the staff there could sport similar smiles…..

“I like smiley faces, but what about the food damnit!?”

I hope you were gawking at the stone pots/bowls above. If not, please scroll up and do so right now.

Seen them? Grrrreat! The menu has a host of options, from the vegetarian friendly kimchi, to beef boolgogi, to the appropriately titled “nutritious bibimbap” option that boasts brown rice topped with an assortment of wholesome ingredients.

When ordering, you have the option of having an egg on top (cooked or raw) for £1. Don’t think too hard about it, just do it. Careful when it arrives, the stone bowl is HOT! Stone bowls have one advantage over their stainless steel or ceramic counterparts, that is, you can be greeted to that great crunchy rice at the bottom due to the stone retaining the heat and cooking it while it sits at the bottom.

The portion that you are served is pretty generous, especially with the namul (the season vegetables it comes with). Other places I’ve been to have skimped, especially when it comes to the meat portions. Thankfully none of that here. Squeezy bottles of sweet miso sauce and spicy tomato sauce are provided to ensure you can down your bibimbap with whatever extra flavour your taste buds demand. All in all, it tastes great, portion size is generous and very filling – all that for under £10! Not bad as far as Central London prices are concerned.

I should have mentioned they also do side dishes like the ones pictured below…

bibimbap soho  - korean pancake (jeon)bibimbap soho - spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki)

The pancakes are always yummy. The spicy rice cakes will give you a good chewing workout if you like that kind of thing. Just don’t order too much as the main dish is pretty filling by itself!

Please do share if you’re a sweet miso sauce or spicy tomato sauce kind of person in the comments section below. There maybe a prize.

Bibimbap Soho
11 Greek St
London W1D 4DJ
Map | Website

Average Price: £9-£12 (bibimbap & drink)

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Definitely a hearty, wholesome, filling meal. The photos inside give it a nice quirky touch and a bit more character making you feel like you've escaped to a more quirky region in the East.